I am a BHI Fellow at Harvard University. Before this, I held the position of a postdoctoral scholar in theoretical astrophysics jointly at Columbia University and the Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) at the Flatiron Institute. I am currently collaborating with the LtU (Learning the Universe) , SMAUG (Simulating Multiscale Astrophysics to Understand Galaxies) collaboration and the FIRE (Feedback in Realistic Environment) collaboration. I completed my Ph.D. degree at the California Institute of Technology working with my advisor Prof. Philip F. Hopkins (Group Site).
My interest delves into the multiscale problem of AGN feedback. Galaxy-scale studies often employ sub-grid AGN feedback and black hole (BH) accretion models, lacking a first-principles understanding. BH-horizon-scale GRMHD simulations, while self-consistent, lack cosmological context, posing a challenge for a complete understanding. To better model AGN feedback, I utilize three approaches. On the galaxy scale, I will explore an extensive parameter space, testing AGN feedback models and constraining them with observations. On the intermediate scale near the BH, I study AGN feedback and BH accretion model interactions in a different environment using smaller box simulations. Finally, I will bridge the galaxy and BH scales by employing top-down and bottom-up approaches, eventually self-consistently connecting both scales in a simulation.